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EMUC 2018: Best Abstract Award

Dr. Christian Fankhauser, urologist at the UniversitätsSpital Zürich in Switzerland, has won the Best Abstract Award at the EMUC 2018. He is currently testing an algorithm designed to standardize tissue examination in order to get more uniformity in the Gleason Score assessment.

  • Invited speakers

  • Christian Fankhauser, MD, PhD


    UniversitätsSpital Zürich, Switzerland

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Congresnieuws 12/12/2018

EMUC 2018: Take home messages

Dr. Laurence Albiges, medical oncologist at the Institut Gustave Roussy (France), shares with us her take home messages of EMUC 2018, several of which might have practice changing potential. 

Congresnieuws 13/12/2018

EMUC 2018: STAMPEDE trial

Prof. Nicholas James, oncologist at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust (UK), talks us through the new results of the STAMPEDE trial. Do the results of abiraterone differ in patients with high risk metastatic prostate cancer as compared to patients in the low risk category? And is there any benefit of adding radiotherapy to systemic therapy?

Congresnieuws 13/12/2018

EMUC 2018: Highlights

Prof. Alberto Briganti, professor in the urology at the IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele in Italy, is a member of the EMUC scientific committee on behalf of the EAU. He shares with us his personal highlights of the EMUC 2018, among which are the STAMPEDE and HORRAD trials and new radiological developments.

Congresnieuws 18/02/2017

​ASCO GU 2017: RT versus surgery in Gleason 9-10 Pca

A selection of posters from the 2017 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium is highlighted in a series of interviews. Speaker: Amar Kishan Poster: A7 - Radiotherapy versus radical prostatectomy for Gleason score 9-10 prostate adenocarcinoma: A multi-institutional comparative analysis of 1001 patients treated in the modern era

Congresnieuws 12/03/2015

Oncology News Program at Genitourinary Cancers Symposium 2015

The 2015 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium was held in Orlando from February 26th to 28th. In a multidisciplinary Oncology News Program Dutch and Belgian experts will discuss new important data, presented at this congress. In the first part of this Oncology News Program Dr. Thierry Gil, Prof. Jeroen van Moorselaar and Dr. Fons van den Bergh talk about the role of Androgen Deprivation Therapy in early and intermediate risk prostate cancer, dose escalation in Radiotherapy, Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy and possible predictive markers like Slco2B1 and androgen receptor splice variant 7. The second part covers the following topics on prostate cancer: Active Surveillance in early stage prostate cancer, Brachytherapy versus External Beam Radiation Therapy, active immunotherapy and check point inhibitors and one of the highlights of this congress, the GETUG-15 trial. These data are discussed by Prof. Winald Gerritsen, Prof. Gert De Meerleer and Prof. Thierry Roumeguère. The panel for the last part of this Oncology News Program consists of Prof. Gerritsen, Prof. van Moorselaar and Prof. Roumeguère. The experts discuss important new data on GU-non prostate cancer: organ sparing versus radical cystectomy, (neo)adjuvant chemotherapy in bladder cancer, the role of profiling urothelial cancer, anti-PDL1 and Pazopanib in combination with Paclitaxel in refractory urothelial cancer. Presented by dr. Ayan Panja.

Congresnieuws 12/12/2018

EMUC 2018: Highlights

Prof. Anne Kiltie, clinical oncologist at the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology (UK), shares her highlights of the EMUC 2018.

Congresnieuws 12/12/2018

EMUC 2018: PIONEER Big Data Project

Prof. James N’Dow, professor in urological surgery at the University of Aberdeen (UK) and chairman of the EAU Guidelines Board, talks about the PIONEER big data project and the EMUC 2018 consensus meetings as a world wide effort to improve treatment of prostate cancer patients.

Congresnieuws 12/12/2018

EMUC 2018: A European standard for prostate cancer

Dr. Peter Albers, urologist in the Üniversitätsklinikum Düsseldorf in Germany, speaks about the joint effort to come to a European standard for the treatment of prostate cancer during the EMUC 2018 consensus meeting.