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To get access to MEDtalks we ask you to create a profile and to agree the terms and conditions. By doing this we assure that you’re a healthcare professional. Based on your personal profile like the areas of interest we’ll present you relevant video content on the website and via email updates.

MEDtalks handles your personal data with care

The programs on MEDtalks are made possible by unrestricted education grants from pharmaceutical companies. We’ll never share your personal data with our sponsors. Only in the case of training (live and on demand) we do share personal data with a third party: PE Online, with the aim of registering accreditation points through PE Online (GAIA).

The content of the programs is always independent and we observe the guidelines of professional associations. In order to measure and increase the success of the programs, viewing behavior is recorded and analyzed.

MEDtalks keeps you informed of relevant content

You can log in and unsubscribe from the periodic email updates in the My Profile section on MEDtalks or by clicking on Unsubscribe at the bottom of our emails.

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MEDtalks uses your email address to send system messages. For example, to restore your email address or password. Your recovery e-mail address is only used when your primary email address is no longer active.